Friday, August 2, 2013


Had some good brews and even better story swapping time with my buddy Nick last night at a local joint, then I crashed hard! Rest was much needed; 600 miles on a large shaking metal contraption can take it out of you. Bright and early, it was time to explore!
Zorra the cat wanted to make sure I didn't oversleep by biting and clawing the soft tender skin of my armpit regions. Every time I sat down, she would rub up on me affectionately and make R2-D2 sounds. Besides the wake up claw, coolest cat ever.
First stop was Burnside! The world famous shred spot located under the east side of the Burnside was built by local skaters way back in the early 90's and is even featured in a Tony Hawk game. Remember the big eye bowl? Did a couple little runs but I didn't stay too long. The glaring locals for sure were not digging me snapping pics and skating. Instead of painting the park red with the blood of skater douches, I decide a donut would be more delicious and less criminal.
Yes, it is a BACON MAPLE BAR! 
The USS Oregon memorial was right next to the river and provided a neat piece of history in such a modern, progressive, hipster infested environment.

 Spent the rest of the day chattin' it up and taking super sick artsy pics with Nick. Always good to talk life and it's values over a cold beer and pizza under a cool cloudy evening sky. Apologies went to the pizza cashier for whom may have had to suffer from some of my tipsy pick up lines, and bed time it was.
"You can do whatever you want in Portland, and Portland just deals with it." -Nick Esther

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