Sunday, August 11, 2013

DAY 9: Sturgis, SD to Sioux Falls, SD.

I should have thought of the idea before! Why not raid hotels in the morning for continental breakfasts? Next time I can, it's happening. Woke up and enjoyed stolen coffee and danishes and left quick so I could cover all of South Dakota. But first, I wanted to take a putt through Black Hills and see what all the hype was about. The ride the night before provided a dark view of the Hills backlit by lightning strikes. Really cool silhouettes for a second at most. When I got on the little highway that carved through this historic forest, I realized that thousands of other motorcyclists had the same idea that morning. Bike traffic can't be that bad, right? When people are pumping their deluxe-douche glide radio as if to make up for a lack of intellect, it gets annoying quick. I stopped and had a snack by a stream, then cut out ready to make good timing.

 The first 50 miles of west South Dakota were nice and lush with topography like Wyoming. After that, the highest peak you see is that of a gas station in the distance. Or a freak corn stalk. Wall Drug made for some much needed sensory input about a hundred miles deep in the cornfields.

The empty fields of green grass and blue sky were nice and calming at first, but quickly waged war with my ADD. If I could give advice, a good trick pass the time on boring roads like this is music. New music. Unexplored areas of my iPod were well used this day. Waving at pretty girls I'd pass also helped, until I'd see a disgruntled dad driving the car glaring me down, which provided the best entertainment. Gas and pee stops were done at somewhat scenic attractions.

 Capping the day on desolation road was a good sunset to my rear. The orange and red hues bounced off my chrome pieces as I rode forward, complementing my red tank and other accents.
 I rode into Sioux Falls on the far end of South Dakota about 9:30. Sioux Falls was way bigger than it seems on the map! Over 100,000 people for sure. Camping in a big city just doesn't work, and I still needed to find a spot. A quick Google search found a KOA about 5 miles to my north. Well, that's an option. But I ain't ready to sleep! I wanna party! I scooted around until I found downtown with a couple pubs looking pretty lively for a Monday night. I stopped at one where they had a bean bag toss game going out front. Looks fun! It was almost as if life stopped for these people when I pulled up. Harley with Cali plates loaded down for war wasn't something they saw every night. Neither was long blonde hair on a dude in a more conservative place. As soon as I walked inside, I struck up a conversation with Tyler and his posse just as they were going to another bumpin' place a block away. Instantly our smart-ass remarks clicked, and we headed over. Within 15 minutes of telling them my story, I had a couch and a garage for my bike. We spent the rest of the night talking life, making fun of crappy songs and feeding dollars to play better ones, and sharing our stories. Flirting with our older waitress revealed she was married, and an offer to be her boy toy on the side for a night wasn't successful either. But once I got on my bike to leave, I didn't have to even work at talking to girls, as a few flocked over like I was a blonde haired titan from Tinsel town. After some smiles and dainty hand shakes, it was time to go. Tyler and Tara hooked me up with some beef jerky and blankets to top the night off, but not before a heavy rain started. Man, I got lucky with this roof over my head tonight!

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