Saturday, August 10, 2013

DAY 7: Idaho Falls, ID to Cody, WY

After virtually a short nap tossing and turning, maybe sleeping in a field isn't as appealing as it sounds. Or maybe waking up just before the sun and packed, coffeed up, and ready to roll at dawn makes it worth it? Absolutely. Today was the day to conquer Yosemite. Lets roll!

 I checked the weather and the current temp was a choppy 42. Now, if its cold and your on a bike, always subtract at least 20 degrees, that's how it feels. So if it feels 22 degrees, your butt isn't the only thing to go numb. You get the picture...

 Followed the Snake River one last time. Probably the prettiest river I've seen on my ride so far.
 Bringing boots on a cross country trip you'd think would be essential. But I'm not essential, I'm Dallas; re-heating your feet with your exhaust is way more of a better story. Once my freezing stumps felt like functioning limbs of my body again, it was time to make my way into the Grand Tetons! Yeaaahhhh Boiiiiiiii!!!!!

 Once up the pass, I took some fun curves and coasted downhill for a couple miles, Eventually ending at the foot of some majestic mountains known as the Tetons.

 What could possibly compliment a picture of your bike posing in front of Jackson Lake? The chunky German man on his bagger bumping Rammstein, who stopped and glared at a group of RV's and exclaimed "DAMN TOURISTS!" Wolfgang, you're welcome in my country anytime. Took a gas stop and it was time for Yellowstone. I wish I had had more time to do the whole loop, but the little park in the middle of cattle country to us Californians turned out to be very large indeed. I entered through the south and shot out the east. 80 miles at 30 MPH.
 It was hard to listen to people comment on Mother Nature and Old Faithful without containing a barrage of "that's what she said's." But I did meet a farmer named Dave from Missouri who described it as "gnarly" with a country accent. I wish him saying that was my new ringtone.
 A slow hot ride through the park made me sweat pretty good, reminding me that this is day 4 without a shower? The grease dripping off my hair furthered this hypothesis. Lake Yellowstone, here I come. And no, asking a tourist for this picture wasn't awkward at all.

 Thermal hot spots really are hot. I couldn't even hold my hand over the steam.
 HEY BOO BOO! Saw a crowd of people stopped, so being the nosey dude I am, I stopped and managed to get a shot of this frolicking Grizzly.

 If I ever explore Yellowstone again, it's going to take 2 days. There is so much crammed in such a large area, and to sample it all properly would take 2 slow and steady days. Coming out of Yellowstone gave me a ride through some steep and stylish cliffs and concluded with some more pretty sights. Western Wyoming, you got a piece of my heart.

 The long day of riding and sight seeing had drained me, and it was time to throw down on some quality grub. Once in Cody, it was time. Yes, tonight was the night to celebrate with 2 for 5 Beef 'n Cheddars! Little did I know I had to earn my meal. Got off the bike, kickstand down, kickstand flop forward and bounce off front fender. Well butter my buns and call me for breakfast, I recon that ain't supposed to do that. A quick google of "Harley" brought up a store a mile away. SCORE! On the way there, 2 blocks from the Arbys, was a black and orange "Cycle Repair" sign with a guy walking out to his car. That was probably about the sloppiest, most illegal U-turn I've ever done. Barely caught the guy leaving for the night! He said I was lucky, because he had gotten his key stuck in the door for 10 minutes. I felt lucky too when he had the locking tab and bolt that I needed too. Mack the mechanic pulled them off a customers bike and charged me for new ones and placed an order. Afterwards, I told him my story, we had a beer, talked story over a foosball table in his garage until late, and he let me crash on a thick mat on his lawn for some much needed rest. Good people and great rides kick ass. Check out Cody Custom Cycles when you get a chance, awesome people and awesome bikes for sale on the floor!

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