Thursday, August 15, 2013

DAY 12-15 Chicago, IL to Lansing, MI to Sandusky, OH

Sometimes owning a Harley can be a hassle. HD should stand for Hundred Dollars sometimes due to parts, fixing things, maintenance, ect. Let alone the women. They always want rides. Ugh.
 Chicago love from the cuz Chris and crew was phenomenal. Can't remember when I felt that welcome anywhere! Much needed too, Chicago traffic and toll booths made me realize why the Blackhawk were so good at preventing the Kings from getting to their goals; 2 hours  and 10 bucks for me to get out of town. Once I rounded the lake, Michigan gave me 80mph traffic, and just after dark I was in Lansing. I lived here with my older bro Mike in high school for 3 years, so returning when I'm an adult with a faster bicycle to get around was nice jog down Memory Lane.

 After a long day of riding and a couple hours of catching up with Mike and his wife Nicole, the floor made the most comfortable bed ever. I rose early and took advantage of the couple days time I had here to go buy some oil and change it out. I may not be eating well on this trip, but the bike has been treating me well, so she gets synthetic for dinner. the guys at the shop use it in their double Shovel drag bike, so it must be good.

With an oil and filter run complete, I wanted to explore my early high school home and see if I hated this place as much as I did back then. Not at all, but I was hating this neat burn from the exhaust.
 I only did one organized sport in high school: boxing. Being a foreigner in Michigan left me without too many friends, and teen angst didn't make me the most sociable kid ever. Football was out of the question, but I wasn't about to sit around after school. I don't talk about it much, but while here for 2 years, I got a state championship and a few TKO's from learning to throw and take punches from awesome coaches and any older dude I could talk smack to so they would spar with me. Not to mention a lot of confidence, self-esteem, and not so hot of a teenage temper.
 Fish ladder. This city boy knows how to bait a leech because of this place.
 Insane Clown Posse sucks and so do juggalos, but Faygo is pretty damn tasty. For a little soda company out of Detroit, they make really good cheap soda in unique flavors.
 Something else tasty was the steak my first girlfriends family cooked me. Kayla may be crazy and obsessed with knives if you can't tell, but her and her family are awesome and made me feel at home big time. We all swapped stories over a Lions game and talked late into the night, until I darted outside and chased lightning bugs. I guess I haven't changed much since 9th grade.
 Back down the road to my brother Mikes place. He has a trail out back of his house, and wild black berries grow all over by the train tracks.

 Time for an oil change. Simple right? Not when your oil filter is basically welded on from 4000 miles of heating and cooling. Never fear, a little bit of road ingenuity will take you a long way. Or maybe that's my way of saying my dumbass ideas somehow managed to work. Sorry about the mess, Mike!

 Spending some years growing up with my bro Mike and his wife Nicole really grew me into the man I am today. Mike installs floors for a living and has the craziest work ethic you'll ever see. Being his helper throughout the years starting in elementary school, I learned a lot about hard work and where it will take you. I also learned how to superglue stitch worthy cuts so we wouldn't have to leave the jobsite, to give you an idea. Y'all saved my ass growing up, and I love you guys more than I can ever say in person. More than your dog loves to attack my raccoon tail...

Got a late start on my departure day, but once I crossed into Ohio I caught a good sunset while filling up gas. Got to Sandusky and found a KOA right on Lake Eerie. Flirted with the check-in girlie and got a discount on my site. I guess "You should give me a discount because I'm from California" is a good line to use? Just kidding, its my hair. Put the saved money into fire wood and a couple beers, both of which I had to earn by just trying to transporting them back to camp.

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