Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DAY 6: Boise, ID to Idaho Falls, ID

Really awesome how Greg hooked it up with a couch last night! Never ever in LA do you meet people that are that trusting of other people. Another testimony to how motorcycles unite people in the scene. I left before Greg and his roommates were up, but not without sending out a big thanks text.  Sucked down a Mickey D's breakfast and coffee, followed up with adding oil and a gas fill and then I was on the highway. Did I mention that this is day 6 of not shaving?
 Most of the ride was flat farmland, but you could always see mountains in the back drop. Those mountains and a higher concentration of motorcycles heading to Sturgis made the boring stretches easier on the eyes to ride.

 After not much more than 200 miles today, I was beat. My bodies adjusting to all this heavy riding well, but today I wasn't about to put in any more. I stopped at a Starbucks in Idaho Falls to do some blogging, but not before I went to the Harley a block around dealership to look around and recirculate blood and air to my hind quarters and chat it up with some locals. NOT! Couldn't hardly get more than a one word reply out of a sales rep. Maybe he thought it was my fault he was balding and couldn't soak his beard properly in Just for Men? Sorry buddy, I didn't give you that mean tribal tat either. Scoped a couple bikes then rode back to the Buck, but not before my raccoon tail caught a kids eye. Faith in humanity restored.
Some coffee on a gifted gift card and a couple hours of blogging later and I was ready to explore this town, but not before I eavesdropped on a couples laptop next to me also on Blogger. Say whaaaaa?? REI clothing led me to assume they were also on the road like I was, and I was right. Check their blog! There going to Alaska and down the Pacific Coast! http://inajeepdownbytheriver.blogspot.com/ 
Haven't met anyone yet I could stay with, and it was almost dark, so I began asking and driving around to different areas to see what I could do. KOA is out of the question. Paying for sleep defies every teenage angsty punk rock moral I have, so mind you I'm looking for every empty field out of sight I can. Doing this for a while wore me out, so I decided a trip to the book store would clear my mind. That didn't happen because I met CJ and friends in the parking lot sitting off their tailgate. Funniest group of dudes! Reminded me of my friends back home. They were all super welcoming of my city boy ass rolling up and chatting away. CJ was pretty chatty too though so it all worked out! After some stories of rifles smacking heads after jumping a truck in the air and nearly falling out but being saved by your belt buckle, they asked if I wanted to tag along to a hotel to see what was going on at the bar. Not drinking and free to get in made it a cheap preferred activity!

Main St. was small and serene at midnight. The only sounds you could hear were the street lights buzzing and obnoxious drunk Harley enthusiasts talking about what color of LED lighting they have on their Billet wheeled bagger. Split ways with my new friends, and it was time to catch some sleep. Where?  
In a field by the highway, of course! Cuddled my engine to keep me warm, and I dosed off the best a man could after a long day.


  1. Hey Dallas, thought this might give you some ideas on where to stay for free. Not sure if you've heard of Scooter Tramp Scotty but he's been living off the back of his bike for 17 years.

  2. Gypsy Cribs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EP9MnuDCOM0

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMTP1c1sOV8

  4. It looks like you had fun this day in Idaho .