Monday, August 19, 2013

DAY 16-17: Sandusky, OH to Washington, DC

Clear sunshine and clean air greeted me in the morning, much to my dismay as there was rain in the forecast. Being a stones throw away from Lake Eerie made for a good stroll before a wash in the KOA shower. First night I set up my tent on this trip so far, and it only took me 45 minutes to re-pack my life and bungee it on the sissy bar.
I left for the gas station and saw Sandusky for the first time in the daylight. Cedar Point is an amusement park boasting so the best rollercoasters in the east. This area of town is nice and neat and dotted with good eats at unique restaurants. Besides that, the place is pretty ghetto. Rode a coastal road out of here before someone tried to mug me and jumped on the Ohio turnpike. 10 dollars in tolls and a lot of boring interstate and I was glad to be out of Ohio. Hello Pennsylvania! Hope the Amish Mafia can handle me.

 Caught the sunset in Pennsylvania right before I crossed into Maryland. These smog-less sunsets kill it out east here! Before I could talk to a Jebediah or Abraham trotting home from the fields on a horse and buggy, I was already in DC before too late. A friend from back home Jessica hooked me up with a welcome party and a warm bed in her and her friends dorm. I dropped quick from the long ride and a drink, but woke up early to rain on my uncovered bike. Is it a covered motorcycle, or a meth lab from outer space? Look at the pic and you decide.
Jessica went off to work, and I planned on staying up and attacking my day in this new attractive city! So much historic architecture to see! I went back to bed and woke up at 12:30. Oops. Once Jessica was off, we had a quick meal and coffee and took the subway to the National Mall. It was a day of discovery monument rousting in the home of our bad-ass founding fathers, with a pretty little tour guide to show me around to the best spots.


 The Vietnam Vets Memorial was my favorite by far. It was small and wasn't crowded with unappreciative tourists, and my T-shirt was well received. The vibe it let off was a powerful one, even before I saw this old vet from the war wiping crosses on each panel as he wept. Few things make me choke up, but this was one of them. As much as this country is jacked up with shady politicians and politics that divides us more than unite us, running around and tasting the history this place had to offer made me proud to be in the country that I am. It also gave me an updated sense of appreciation for those who protect my freedom to hop on my motorcycle and drive to where this country began.

 After some dinner at Five Guys, we left to hop on the subway to head back to Jessica's dorm. Soon enough after we started our walk, a rain of apocalyptical proportions hit us. Good thing we had a plastic bag for her so she wouldn't get too soaked. Me? I'm wearing board shorts and probably won't get another chance to play in the rain in Washington DC again. It was a wet train ride home, but well worth it.

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